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Whau Arts Festival 2019



This years Whau Arts Festival will take place in the depths of winter.  Yes, we’re back in town with a truly wintery festival just over the horizon.  Is it wise to host a festival in winter….YES! But let’s make use of some of our indoor spaces this year; don’t let that stop you taking up the challenge of our outdoor spaces too!

There’s lots to celebrate with Avondales newest art home finding its feet, we invite you to put on your collaborative, inclusive and/or experimental hats and get creative.  This is your opportunity to showcase our local awesomeness, what makes us unique, what are we proud of and what do we do so well.

What you make is up to you; it could be a piece of visual art, a performance, something digital, walk, a conceptual comment or something else. Surprise us!  We imagine that over the festival weekend and leading up to, there will be a whole lot of different things happening at different times and people will be able to travel between them.

This Arts Festival is as much about the journey as the final outcome.


We have some funding to cover materials and some artist fees – we’re proud to pay everyone what we can.

*Thanks to our Whau Local Board and Panuku

We’ll do as many of the less exciting things as possible for you, and support you where you would like, thinking about logistics, talking to sponsors etc. etc. so you can get on and make interesting things.


Festival dates | last weekend in June 2019 (22nd and 23rd)

Venues | Our new art home at 99 Rosebank rd, Avondale; Avondale town centre; the 3guys site; other locations in the Whau that fit your proposal.

Ideas/Proposals in by the | 30th april

What we need to know from you | Just let us know what your idea is, big or small, what you need to make it happen, and where you want it to happen.  You don’t need to write a big fancy proposal, seriously.

Maybe you are reading this and are keen to get involved but don’t have that idea pinned down yet…we want to hear from you all!

Talk to Jody on 021 245 3232fill in your proposal online

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