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SNAPS 2020

You’re invited to be a part of a group exhibition to mark the end of 2020. It is FREE and welcome to everyone to be a part of. Only requirement is you took a photo sometime this year, on your phone, or camera or maybe a screenshot during that zoom party!

What does 2020 look like on your phone photos?  What does it look like when we put all these photos together? Do we all have photos of our pets, children or maybe that thing we saw on the street that caught our eye.

To join, all you have to do is send us 1 to 5 photos you’ve taken on your phone this year, by Thursday 26 November. The Exhibition will be open to the public during the Avondale Christmas event on Saturday 28 Nov.

All photos will be printed and installed at All Goods. We will have an online exhibition as a back up just incase!

To send us your photos, send us a message on FB or email us at

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