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ALL GOODS | a space for the arts

Welcome to All Goods

ALL GOODS (round 2!) a space for the arts.  Avondale’s newest art space is here! ALL GOODS is back, but also fresh and new and different!

The first ALL GOODS space was a home for lots of good stuff, (all about it here) and since then we’ve been looking for a new space..some places came close but not until late last year when the opportunity of this space came up, did we find our new art home.

We’re excited to offer a space for people to experiment, make, show and connect!

Why? As much as we love popping up in laundromats, shop fronts, sports fields, Avondale markets, car parks and empty sections; to have a home means we have the oppurtunity to develop ideas, create and strengthen our connections.  This space means we can all get on with doing cool stuff, work on quality projects and remain inclusive and experimental.

Where?  99 Rosebank Rd, Avondale | Nestled between the Avondale Community centre and Library, and previous home to the Avondale Community Preschool.

When? Now!  We opened the doors in March 2019 and plan to be here for the next few years.

Housewarming Party invite

How can I (you) get involved?

Maybe you would like to curate a show, exhibit your work, run workshops, provide lessons, put on an event, rehearse, have a space to work on your creative projects, or something else we haven’t thought of.

How? Send us an idea of what you’d like to do or what you’d like to participate in here: CONTACT US

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