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Avondale Market Project 2015

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 8.55.20 PM

The Whau the People Avondale Market Project took place over 7 consecutive Sundays at the Avondale Markets (with one week off due to weather). Over this period, 23 Artists were involved in 17 different projects. Artists were site responsive; engaging with market goers, using materials found at the markets, creating work that spoke of the markets and the history of the racecourse location.

Some projects developed over a series of weeks, giving artists space for learning and progressing their ideas, while other artists came in with a set idea and executed it with a BOOM.

The Markets is made up of distinctive areas, fruit and veg section, car boot sale area, food, the fields, the rise, the entrance and the lanes. We changed locations over the 7 weeks, engaging with the varied areas and audiences in the markets and responding to which platform would work best for our Artists projects.






AMPwk1 AMPwk2 AMPwk3 AMPwk4 AMPwk5 AMPwk6 AMPwk7

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