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Laundromat series : winter edition 2017

Throughout late June and July 2017 you may take away more then just clean laundry when you visit your local Laundromat.  Whau the People and local artists will be presenting 6 art projects across Laundromats in the Whau.

Artists include Bronwyn Bent, Ioana Gordon-Smith, Janet Lilo, Takitua Tuaratini, Jody Yawa McMillan, Siliga David Setoga, The Creative Souls and more.  Art projects will include Story telling, Speed Queens, Installation, Hair dressing, Photo booths, Dirty Laundry, Performances, Music and more.

Thanks to the Whau Local Board for supporting this series of Laundromat Projects!orangeline

EPISODE ONETuaratini and the Pacifica Mamas from the Pacifica Arts Centre, transported Laundromat visitors to Polynesia…
To a time of epic voyages and heroic adventures…
A time when the Gods lived in every breath, chant and song…

It was an afternoon of interactive storytelling, drumming and dance as we shared in the “The Legend of the Drum” an ancient tale of family, laughter. revenge and tragedy.



Episode2On a rainy Saturday night at the (not so) Dry Blue Sea Laundromat, there was a quiet performance about the never-ending task of doing the laundry.
There was also some happenings, reminiscent of a certain Levis advert from the 80’s….

Thanks to everyone involved…Laundromat visitors, Dry Blue Sea Laundromat, Bronwyn Bent, Tuli To’oala, Lucy McCammon, Jose Barbosa and Charlie.



Episode3Microsoft Word - Whau-the-People-Siliga-David-Setoga-Laudromat..Sabbath



Big ups to Deahne Lakatani from The Creative Souls Project for setting up a crafting station at the Washouse Laundromat on Rosebank Road in the weekend. Unfortunately, there were very few pictures taken because we spent most of it crafting and chatting BUT, if you were there, you would have been one of the lucky customers who got to walk away with some very nice smelling balls to go with your washing. wtp x20116937_707166742825135_4363218038141348139_o


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