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Whau Arts Festival 2018 | OPEN CALL OUT

Its 2018…did someone say Whau Arts Festival?!

Because we are easily bored, for the next version of the Whau Arts Festival we’d like to use some different venues.  The Whau Arts Fest is leaving the main street and going residential, setting up in carports, garages, front lawns and lounges thanks to locals in the Rosebank, Avondale area.  We also have access to a field at Riversdale reserve to play with.  We want to really make the most of all the people in these places carving, knitting, painting, cooking, collecting, singing, writing, and are looking for artists who would like to collaborate with them.

Our plan is to pair artists with residents and see what happens. You might work with another individual, or with a group, or a school, that’s up to you. We’re going to do a big door knocking campaign so will have a list of interested residents and local venues and will work with you to connect you with someone you can have a long and fruitful relationship with or a short and individual experience.

What you make is up to those collaborations, and could be a piece of visual art, a performance, something digital, something else. We imagine that over the festival weekend there will be a whole lot of different things happening at different times and people will be able to travel between them.


We have some funding to cover materials and some artist fees – we’re proud to pay everyone what we can.   (Thanks to our Whau Local Board)

We’ll do as many of the less exciting things as possible for you, and support you where you would like, thinking about logistics, talking to sponsors etc. etc. so you can get on and make interesting things.



Festival dates | last weekend in April 2018 (28th and 29th)

Venues | Main site at Riversdale Reserve, with other venues in garages, carports, lawns, berms, lounges in the surrounding neighbourhood.

Ideas/Proposals in by the | 2nd Feb

What we need to know from you | Just let us know what your idea is, big or small, what you need to make it happen, and where you want it to happen.  You don’t need to write a big fancy proposal, seriously.

Maybe you are reading this and are keen to get involved but don’t have that idea pinned down yet.  Or you live locally and love the idea of your front lawn hosting a local band for an evening…we want to hear from you all!

Talk to Jody on 021 245 3232 / email us at or submit below:


The Whau Arts Festival 2018 acknowledges the amazing support of our Whau Local Board

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wtp x

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