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Whau The People Charitable Trust is an Avondale-based interdisciplinary arts collective focused on creating opportunities for local artists and residents to engage and participate in the arts within their community.

We do cool shit in our neighbourhoods.  Producing, supporting and showcasing quality projects that aim to be inclusive and experimental.  We advocate for the Arts.

First taking collective form in 2013, Whau the People founding members are:  Leilani Tamu (Poet), Bronwyn Bent (Theatre Maker), Jody Yawa McMillan (Artist), Sam Morrison (Artist), Janet Lilo (Artist).

Photo: Shelly Greco 2014

Our Trustee members are:  Bronwyn Bent, Jody McMillan, Sam Morrison, Janet Lilo and…

Ioana Gordon-Smith is a Wellington-based writer and curator. As a bit of a generalist, Ioana has curated exhibitions for a number of galleries around Auckland including as Curator at Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery.  She is currently taking on a new role as Curator Māori Pacific at Pātaka.

Whau the People is also:

Lissa Knight has a background in costume design, wardrobe and props for international productions. In the Avondale, she is known for her community focus – having collaborated with other local creatives on projects, murals and as Chair of the Avondale Community Preschool. We are deeply lucky to have Lissa as one of the key organisers of the Whau Arts Festival 2018 and now 2019.

Ina Patisolo is known, to a handful of nobodies, as the world’s greatest Samoan Oboist. At this point in time she is unaware of any other Samoan Oboists and will continue as such until further notice. She’s stoked to help bring the Whau Arts Festival 2019 and 2020 to the world.

Many thanks to the support of our investors over the years:

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