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Whau community arts brokering

Whau Community Arts Brokering is a community service supported by the Whau Local Board. Tapping into the existing creative community in the Whau area, the arts brokers support the presentation of a range of temporary arts activities and activation’s in our urban environment. The arts brokers for the Whau are Janet Lilo and Jody Yawa McMillan.

Strong, resilient and inclusive communities where local identity, diversity and creativity are nurtured.’

Keeping the arts on the go in Whau


The beating heart of the Whau arts scene is set to get a fresh injection of energy following the appointment of Janet Lilo and Jody Yawa McMillan to the Whau Arts Broker role.

Previously held by Melissa Laing for the past seven years, the role plays a crucial part in developing and funding Arts programmes in Whau and is funded by Whau Local Board.

Janet and Jody are familiar faces in the Whau Arts scene and have a wealth of experience including Whau the People, a grassroots community organisation created to work with creatives in our backyard. They value the connections, creativity, and deep store of knowledge present in the Whau community.

Whau Local Board Deputy Chair Fasitua Amosa welcomes the appointment. “The arts broker role plays a significant role in the vibrant arts scene in Whau and has become something of an institution,” he says.

“So many amazing projects that give so much to the community have come about as a direct result of the broker position, the board knows how valuable it is. So, our thanks and best wishes go to Melissa for the wonderful work she has done, and congratulations to Janet and Jody, we can’t wait to see you get started!”

The new brokers are already in the role and are looking forward to the new adventure.

“We are both passionate about arts and have really seen the benefit that the broker role has brought to the area. I’m really looking forward to getting stuck in and getting exciting projects off the ground!” says Janet.

Jody agrees. “It’s a really exciting time for arts in Whau, so many creative projects and groups are everywhere and its brilliant that we will be in a position to help facilitate those  projects and programmes.”

Visit Arts Whau to find out more about the broker role and how to get your arts project off the ground in Whau.

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