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OFF TRACK is a new public art destination situated between New Lynn and Avondale along the new NL2A pathway. Just as the name intends, OFF TRACK is underpinned by a kaupapa of serious play, off the beaten path. 

The vision is to creatively energise the path by showing the work of artists who live in the Whau, with an especial focus on Avondale and New Lynn. From photography to mural work to poetry, musing on art both serious and playful, the enduring narrative of OFF TRACK is to deliver on the unexpected, to disrupt from ordinary, to cut a path to something new.

Brought to life by local leaders and planners for the past ten years, the 2.9km NL2A path through central west Tāmaki is a masterclass in design outcomes that must also meet the practical demands of urban growth. OFF TRACK is contextualised through a cultural lens of enlivening the pathway experience of users while actively nurturing a sense of place.


September 2023 – November 2023

“My name is Mile Vavao and I go by LadyBug for my artist name. I’m a visual artist and mostly work with ink and pencil and sometimes experimenting with other mediums such as digital art. I’m Samoan, 21 years old and have lived in Avondale since early childhood and until now. Expressing myself visually has always been something that I am comfortable with, as a way to explain how my thoughts worked compared to doing it verbally.”

In the series ‘Delena’, Mile has crafted a realm interwoven with elements of fantasy and dystopia, drawing inspiration from her environment. A microcosm within reality takes form, offering a unique perspective of Avondale. The focal point is the community’s iconic and infamous spider, unraveling progressively to unveil the distinct essence of ‘Delena’ as interpreted by the artist.

Within the artwork are patterns and floral designs, influenced by the artist’s upbringing. Reflecting household decorations, plants and garden flora, the patterns mirror the place that Mile calls home. Avondale’s natural environment becomes an integral part of the artwork’s fabric, fostering an environment that she hopes to resonate with viewers, creating a sense of familiarity through recurring floral motifs.

The artworks are fragments of the artist’s identity. Traditional cultural elements like the Nifo Oti are integrated, honoring Mile’s heritage. Simultaneously, the artist seeks to capture the captivating patterns of their childhood, infusing the artwork with personal nostalgia.

Previous exhibitions:


May 2023 – September 2023


March 2023 – May 2023

Joy Martin-Holm

December 2022 – February 2023

Thanks to Auckland Transport and Fresh Concept for your support on this project.

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