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OFF TRACK is a new public art destination situated between New Lynn and Avondale along the new NL2A pathway. Just as the name intends, OFF TRACK is underpinned by a kaupapa of serious play, off the beaten path. 

The vision is to creatively energise the path by showing the work of artists who live in the Whau, with an especial focus on Avondale and New Lynn. From photography to mural work to poetry, musing on art both serious and playful, the enduring narrative of OFF TRACK is to deliver on the unexpected, to disrupt from ordinary, to cut a path to something new.

Brought to life by local leaders and planners for the past ten years, the 2.9km NL2A path through central west Tāmaki is a masterclass in design outcomes that must also meet the practical demands of urban growth. OFF TRACK is contextualised through a cultural lens of enlivening the pathway experience of users while actively nurturing a sense of place.

Joy Martin-Holm

December 2022 – February 2023

Joy Martin-Holm is a photographer based in New Lynn and the first artist to exhibit at OFF TRACK. She is an avid urban explorer out regularly with her dog Jasper traversing the many landscapes that make up the Whau. Joy’s images are curious, beautiful and whimsical celebrations of daily urban life and surfaces. 

Captured on her camera phone, Joy’s photography can be experienced through her social media. When she is not out walking and taking photos with Jasper, Joy works for the publishing wing of Blind Low Vision NZ focusing on accessibility for all. Included on the lower edge of these works are braille descriptions of the images. We welcome you to run your fingers over this tactile writing.

Thanks to Auckland Transport and Fresh Concept for your support on this project.

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