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Open Homes: Another world is possible

Open Homes is a community garden in New Lynn. This exhibition was planted and grown in much the same way, organsied around kinship, meaningful and reciprocal relationships with diverse local community, plants, microbes and the land.

“Another world is not only possible. She is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.” – Arundhati Roy

JUNE 20 – JULY 17, 2021

Open Homes proudly presents this creative collaboration that symbolises hope, strength and resiliency of a pluriversal world as we remember how to be a humble part of the biological web of life through the practice of intensive backyard food production.

This exhibition highlights the importance of having different voices and cultural world views cohering together around the organising principle of maintaining a collective spirit, making the local soil fertile and productive together.

It is an artwork that is the antithesis of the universalising ideologies of progress that undermines cultural diversity and suppresses all life by poisoning the land and enclosing people’s capacity to imagine a different world.

Collaborators were: Charles Buenconsejo, Grace Buenconsejo, Marc Conaco, Kirsty Fong, Auggie Fontanilla, Dan Kelly, Tanya Ruka and Helen Yeung.

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