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snaps 2020

Snaps 2020 was an exhibition by and for the Avondale community and took place during the Avondale Christmas event 2020. Open to anyone with access to a camera phone, people were asked to send in 5 photos that they had taken anytime in 2020. Do we all have photos of our family, pets, food, plants or something else?

NOVEMBER 28, 2020

Thanks to everyone who sent in their photos for snaps 2020.

Anna, Apera, Charlotte, Cynthia, Dave, Edith, Ellie, Eva, Gina, Ina, Jaclyn, Jasmine, Jessamine, Juressa, Jody, John, Kat, Kevin, Kim, Leonie, Liam, Libby, Lissa, Louise, Mark, Matalena, Michelle, Moana, Paulina, Renee,, Ruth, Saskia, Steve, Tim, Tuafale and others!

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