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under-construction: arts on climate change

We weren’t quite ready for our very first exhibition at ALL GOODS with paint still drying, BUT when has that stopped us before! This group exhibition, film screening and workshop were part of the Ecowest Festival 2019.

MARCH 23 – APRIL 28, 2019

under-construction, was a group exhibition of arts on climate change.  Many thanks to the contributors, and being the first to take on the new space!

Artists were: Beth Murray, Deahne Lakatani, Evelyn White, Jenny Tomlin, Jessamine Fraser and Kate Beilby, Janet Charman, Jean Stewart, John J Johnston, Lea Schlatter, Leela Bhai, Lissa Knight, Max White, Michelle Ardern, Monique Jansen, Nina Patel, Sam Morrison and Silvia Spieksma.

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