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Change on Main Street

Sometimes when working closely with the community, an art project can take a different direction from its initial plan on paper. The community focus shifts and although the intention remains the same, the pathway to get you there changes and the outcome is not what you expect. A couple of years ago Whau the People aimed to create an art project that told stories of the effects of change in our local area and this is the outcome that journey took us to.

This project began as conversations with local business owners, and more distant property owners. During this period, the Avondale Business association saw a change of guard, bringing new energy and a strong desire for improvements to the business district.

This project took us on a collaboration with the newly appointed ABA committee resulting in us taking a small step for mankind, but a big step in maintenance of some historic town centre buildings, and the beginning of more future creative partnerships.

“Get your sunnies out Avondale, there’s a bright new paint job on our main street!”

Many thanks to Fred Mailata for the waterblasting; Pete and Jake from ABC Painting Contractors Ltd and Avondale Business Association.