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Avondale Shoes Gallery 2015

This project was a temporary collaboration between Hemant Kumar, business owner of Avondale Shoes and Sam Morrison of Whau the People. A series of exhibitions and workshops took place…


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Hemant Kumar has run his business Avondale Shoes in central Avondale for 20 years. During the inaugural 2014 Whau Arts Festival, local artists Emma Smith and Will Bardebes installed their work Overpass in Hemant’s display window. Following on from the success of the festival, Hemant was happy to keep his display window free for more exhibitions.

Avondale Shoes aimed to host a wide range of projects by artists who would like to exhibit in a shoe shop window. This project was a temporary collaboration between Hemant Kumar and Whau the People.

Salute to the Stream / Frances Hansen

Frances Hansen’s Salute to the Stream is a celebration of Oakley Creek, the stream that runs along the eastern border of the Whau local area. Frances will also be running a workshop at the EcoWest Festival’s Eco Day 12 April in Olympic Park.


The pavement was transformed into a frenzied zone of sculptural experimentation, play, conversation and chip eating. Special shout out to Jashim from the Fish Shop next door (who claimed he had no creative ability but managed to construct a fine and unique piece with his kit). There are still FREE make your own sculpture kits available! Great to see a few creations from Hemant himself (I knew he wouldn’t be able to resist)…be sure to check out his fine selection of footwear while you’re there and send us a photo of your sculpture!

Socks on Saturday / Liz Gould

A gallery in a shoe shop + a master sock maker = a workshop! Our small but dedicated group migrated from Avondale Shoes to Salvation Kitchen for coffee and a crash course in the art of sock making. Thank you Liz for your time and knitting expertise!

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