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Urban Legends

Urbanesia 2016 is a festival celebrating and showcasing the creative talents of Polynesian artists across nine locations in Auckland. Whau the People worked with a group of West Auckland artists to create a series of events, Urban Legends that celebrated the opening of this Auckland wide festival.


On Friday night for the launch, we jumped on the train from Henderson to Avondale together and encountered the sweet vocals of Tommy Nee and Sherydon Ngaropo. Arriving in Avondale to a performance by Siliga and back at All Goods for a Sausage Sizzle and music and a dance with Lanzwel to carry us into the evening.

West Auckland photographer Edith Amituanai showcases a series of documentary photographs from Henderson to Avondale

Also at All Goods is an epic poster show by 8 artists, on till the 30th November. 
Gallery 2 solo: Informal by Salome Tanuvasa.

Urban Legends endeavours to create meaningful connections through the activation of urban spaces using advertising, transport, performance, art, dance and music.