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Whau Arts Festival 2019

Many thanks to the artists and everyone that made the Whau Arts Festival 2019 one to remember!

Winter is here… and so is the Whau Arts Festival 2019. This year we’re changing things up (I know, we say that every year); different locations, new artists (and some old pals), and this year we are running our events, workshops, happenings and exhibitions over a mammoth 4 weeks!  Hey, why not!

Some things haven’t changed though: we’re still excited about presenting a wide range of unexpected, experimental artistic collaborations from a whole range of pretty choice people. Plus, there’s a house warming at All Goods – Whau The People’s new art space – right in the middle of it all.

So, the guts of it are: From the 15 June through to the 7 July, we are embracing the cold, wet-weather season with something for everyone over the month-long winter arts festival. Each week will feature events including a film screening, performance, theatre, a house warming and an interactive snow dome.  During the week, there are free whānau-friendly public workshops where you can get stuck into making and exhibitions will be running throughout Avondale. Inside and out and there will be surprise happenings in unexpected places at unexpected times!

See you there! And there….and there, and THERE!

Artists include:

Zeros | Tim Danko | Mandy Patmore | Kim Baldwin and Lakshman Anandanayagam of Creaturepost | Eric Ngan and Urban Sketchers | Mia Straka | Melodownz | John J Johnston | Janet Lilo | Nina Patel and Kathy Waghorn of Hoop-la | Jenny Tomlin | Paul Walsh | Numa Mackenzie | Jean Stewart | Nate the Blacksmith | Maria Vai | Ekarasa Doblanovic | HyunJin Yun and Robin de Haan | Gemishka Chetty and Aiwa Pooamorn of Creative Creatures | Christina Houghton and Melissa Laing | Tessa Guildford of Avondale Ceramics | William Bardebes and Emma Smith | Evelyn White | Waipuia Taylor and roopu and more…



15 June – 21 June

Whau Solar – pinhole workshop

@ All Goods & Ken Maunder Park

Saturday 15 June | 10.30am – 2.30pm

This is a hands-on solargraphy workshop. We make  simple pinhole can cameras and load them with photo paper in the darkroom on site. After a break for lunch, we drive to nearby Ken Maunder Park and install the cameras along the Whau River. These will continuously expose over several weeks capturing the arc of the sun and river.  At the conclusion of the Whau Arts Festival (July 9) the cameras are collected, the results scanned and emailed to the participants.

To celebrate the process, the images will be shown at All Goods as an exhibition in September!

Jenny Tomlin is a local photographic artist interested in environmental concerns

website | facebook | instagramFACEBOOK BUTTON

Local hero2

Screen Shot 2019-06-05 at 8.37.32 PM

Lights On Avondale

@ 3-guys site

Saturday 15 June | 5 – 9pm

For the Opening event of the Whau Arts Festival 2019, where better to begin, then where it all began 5 Arts festivals ago. On the 3 guys site; AKA Plantation; AKA that big empty site in Avondale; AKA Avondale Art Park!

Light | Art | Installation | Marshmallows | Koko Samoa | Pump track | Flood lights and more

Wrap up warm, and bring your bike along to experience the 3 Guys site in a new light….at night.  To keep warm in the dark we’ll have hot Koko Samoa and roasted marshmallows.

Featuring Creature Post, their aim is to create experiences that draw people out of their everyday reality, expanding the realms of physical possibility with light, sound and theatre.

“This year we look to celebrate our local neighbourhood by lighting up the letters in the iconic ‘Avondale’ mural in the heart of the village, drawing inspiration from the original artwork, the local community, and geography.”



Roast dinner and Movie night

@ JC Ryders

Sunday 16 June | 5.30 – 9.30pm

We are proud to bring you a night at the movies: Roast meal and screening of two short films and a feature length film at JC Ryders.  Films include ‘I Have Curls’, ‘Uapōifalemalu’ and ‘Vai’.


WEEK 2 | 22 June – 28 June

Saturday 22 June | 1 – 3 @Avondale Library

Tyle Painting
Usk logo

Saturday 22 June | 10 – 3 in Avondale

Saturday 22 June | 5pm @All Goods

Sunday 23 June | 2pm @All Goods
look…. wow …now!* with Zeros and Tim Danko

WEEK 3 | 29 June – 5 June

Saturday 29 June | we’re back at the 3 guys site featuring a SNOW DOME (yes real snow!!!) and an army of Um Bre La walkers to lead you there.

WEEK 4 | 6 July

Saturday 6 July | GO HOME CURRY MUNCHA featuring angry brown Asian women who dare to rock the boat. They will burn your tongue off! This is a rudely spicy show, here to make waves on the waters in the Whau…

go home curry munchaA3


Saturday 15 June – 7 July

Mandy Patmore @ All Goods

John J Johnston @ Te Whau cafe

Ekarasa @ Avondale Library

Paul Walsh @ Cosmopolitan Village

Numa MacKenzie @ Electric box

Hoopla flags @ Great North Rd

Jenny Tomlin’s pinhole cameras @ Whau River

Hyunjin and Robin @ All Goods

Community maker space @ All Goods

The Whau Arts Festival 2019 acknowledges the support of our Whau Local Board and Panuku Auckland Development